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The Team that puts it all together…

Beltcon conferences are put together by a small but dedicated team of individuals making up the IMHC Organising Committee. Some of the people serving on this committee have been a part of Beltcon since its inception in 1980; notably Adi Frittella and Dave Pitcher and others have been involved with organising the conferences for decades.


The Committee’s guiding hand comes from Alan Exton, who has successfully chaired both the Organising and Technical Committees for the last six years. CTR joined the team in the 1990s when Chris Townsend was asked to take over as Organising Secretary by the then Chairman, Adi Frittella, at the start of the planning for Beltcon 9. Over the past 24 years, there has been a succession of Chairmen. Max Schenck took over from Adi Frittella, and then came Paul Nel who was succeeded by Carlos Andrade and then latterly, Alan Exton.


Behind the scenes, planning for the next Beltcon starts right at the current conference, and takes a full two years to put together. There is a call for papers and submission of synopses by prospective speakers. The Committee works hard to maintain the Beltcon brand quality by selecting a balanced programme and prospective speakers are asked to write a technical paper that will support their presentation which then undergoes rigorous scrutiny in a peer review session.


It is this technical paper that stands for posterity after the two days of conferencing are over with past papers being placed in the public domain available for download off the website The main aim of Beltcon is to disseminate conveyor-related information, not only locally, but to the global bulk materials handling industry generally. Technical papers are also often published in materials handling industry journals world-wide.


The Organisers acknowledge with thanks the major sponsor of Beltcon conferences: Brelko Conveyor Products.


The Organising Committee comprises Alan Exton, Henk Brink, Nealon Burger, Simon Curry, Adi Frittella, Wilton Monnery, Dave Pitcher, Nica Smith and Jacques Swart.


Adi Frittella


Dave Pitcher


Alan Exton


Simon Curry


Henk Brink


Nealon Burger


Nica Smith


Jacques Swart


Chris Townsend